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Ceramic Bowls Bring Great Convenience For Home Life
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Ceramic bowl has a very long history, is the most comfortable tableware. Ceramic bowl is very many, can have some special shape, and color, design, etc. also have a lot of choice, most families can buy the ceramic bowl. Ceramic bowls through the glaze, the appearance of more bright, delicate and smooth, which is also convenient for daily cleaning.

Ceramic bowls of glazed glaze is containing lead, mercury and other heavy metals, if the quality of glazed glaze, it is easy to remain in the ceramic bowl, in use with food into the human body, Ceramic Bowl the health threat. Even glazed ceramic bowls may cause physical problems because of the harmful substances contained in poor clay. So buy ceramic bowls, you need to pay special attention to glaze and quality, to ensure health.

Believe that most people use the bowl is generally ceramic bowls, people like ceramic bowls mainly because it looks very good-looking, and ceramic bowls can enter the microwave oven, for the consumer's home life brought great convenience.

Advantages of Ceramic Bowls

The thermal stability is good, the heat transfer slow day meal has a certain temperature difference in the sudden hot abrupt change of the performance is not easy to burst. Ceramic Bowl This is superior to glassware, which is a bad conductor of heat, a slow heat transfer, used to hold boiling water or hot food, not too hot.

Chemical Properties Stable, durable this is better than metal products such as bronze, iron, aluminum, etc. to be superior, daily-use porcelain with a certain acid, alkali, salt and the atmosphere of the carbonated erosion of the ability to react with these substances, not rust aging.

China has very few pores, low water absorption rate with daily-use porcelain storage food, tight sealing, Ceramic Bowl can prevent food in the water volatile, infiltration and bacteria outside the invasion.

Colorful decoration, especially high-temperature glaze color and blue and white decoration, Ceramic Bowl such as no lead poisoning hazards, can be used boldly, very popular.

How to clean the ceramic bowl

1, buy back the ceramic bowl, it is recommended to boil with boiling water for 5 minutes, boiling can play the role of sterilization, and then put into the room temperature of vinegar soaked 1―2 hours, because ceramics in the encounter with acidic substances, will precipitate some poison. For those who do not trust the tableware, can be soaked for several hours vinegar, if the color changes obvious, should be discarded.

2, cleaning ceramic bowls, to use a soft cloth, scouring cloth, powder, Ceramic Bowl such as easy to scratch the surface of tableware, more easily contaminated, Ceramic Bowl the best not to choose, at the same time in use as far as possible not to put acid, alkaline, oily food, especially do not have a more oily porcelain tableware in the microwave heating in order to prevent the release of toxic substances.