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Ceramic Cup
- Feb 13, 2017 -

The so-called "ceramic" is the clay into a shape from clay or other inorganic non-metallic materials, molding and sintering technology, used to decorate and protect the walls and ground plate or block of ceramic products. After dry heat to a certain extent making it harden, not soluble in water.

Ceramic Cup main ingredient is kaolin, clay, China stone, China clay, colorant, blue, lime glaze, lime, soda, etc. glaze. Jingdezhen ceramic glass main kaolin ceramics raw materials are mainly composed of kaolinite clay. First discovered in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, northeast of Gao Ling cun and named. Its chemical empirical formula for: Al203 • 2Si02 • 2H20, weight percentages were: 39.5%, 46.54%, 13.96%. Pure kaolin as dense or sparse pine block, looks like white, light grey. Pollution by other impurities can be in black, Brown, pink, beige, creamy, easy hand into powder after calcination the color white, high refractoriness, is a fine porcelain material.

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