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Ceramic Cup Environmental Protection And Durability
- Oct 23, 2017 -

There is no doubt that drinking glasses and ceramic cups are required for water. But the ceramic cup is not only used for drinking water non-toxic, tasteless, coffee is conducive to insulation and other characteristics, ceramic cups what are the advantages?

Ceramic Cup is almost our most common product, whether it is daily necessities or decorations are frequently used ceramics. Take ceramic cups, in peacetime we also use a lot of life, but with the development of low-cost plastic cups and metal cups, the number of the use of ceramic cups has decreased, Ceramic Mug but the ceramic cup and plastic cup compared with the metal cup is the healthiest.

So what are the benefits of using a ceramic cup to drink or drink tea?

1, ceramic cups and plastic cups compared to the lack of plastic cups of harmful gases and substances, according to experts confirmed the long-term use of plastic cups have caused cancer.

2, ceramic cup is completely harmless, it will not be like the metal Cup, Ceramic Mug long-term use will have the possibility of harmful metal intake.

3, because of the existence of ceramic cups to make molten iron not directly with the carbon brick contact, from the structural design to alleviate the molten iron and alkaline materials on the carbon brick infiltration, erosion, scouring and other destruction, and the use of Mullite, brown corundum, etc. Ceramic Mug are low thermal conductivity of advanced ceramic materials, with very high erosion resistance and scour resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of large carbon bricks.

4, improve the temperature of molten iron, reduce the heat loss: Ceramic Cup is made of less than carbon brick thermal conductivity of materials, play a role in the interlayer, Ceramic Mug thus reducing the heat loss through the bottom of the furnace and the cylinder. Correspondingly, the molten iron can maintain a high temperature, and the next step process of converter production to create a good energy saving conditions.

5, easy to wind operation: due to the thermal insulation of ceramic cups, during the blast furnace, the loss of heat, conducive to return to normal operation when the wind.

6, prevent molten iron leakage: As a result of ℃ isotherm that hot metal solidification line adjacent to the lining of the inner surface, was moved near the protection of the second because of the expansion of refractory material and the residual swelling makes the brick seam was reduced, so the penetration of molten iron is limited so that the risk of burning the furnace to

Ceramic cups are more common in our daily life. Because it is more healthy than glass, plastic melamine, stainless steel utensils made of tableware. And it is easy to clean.

Ceramic Cup According to the temperature can be divided into

1. Low Temperature Ceramic cup

Low-temperature porcelain firing temperature at 700-900 degrees.

2. Medium Temperature Ceramic cup

Generally refers to the sintering temperature at 1000 degrees---1200 degrees of ceramics.

3. High-Temperature Ceramic cup

High temperature porcelain firing temperature of more than 1200 degrees.

(1), Temperature: High temperature porcelain firing temperature of more than 1200 degrees; medium temperature porcelain firing temperature at 1000-1150 degrees; low temperature porcelain firing temperature

At 700-900 degrees.

(2), Color: High temperature porcelain color more full, exquisite, Ceramic Mug glittering and translucent, the medium and low temperature porcelain color comparison wood lag.

(3), feel: High temperature porcelain smooth, exquisite, medium and low temperature porcelain slightly rough.

(4), Voice: High temperature porcelain relatively crisp;

(5), Texture: High temperature porcelain hardness is stronger;

(6), of course, the most obvious difference between high-temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature porcelain is water absorption, high water absorption rate of medium and low temperature ceramic, high temperature ceramic suction

Water rate is below 0. 2%, Ceramic Mug the product is easy to clean will not adsorb odor, will not occur glaze cracks and local leakage phenomenon. Medium and low temperature

Ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than this standard and easy to enter the sewage, not easy to clean will also emit unpleasant odor, a long time will also

Cracks and leaks occur.

The dirt of the ceramic Cup

can be used toothpaste or salt cleaning, encountered stubborn stains can be used to scrub citrus skin, Ceramic Mug both environmentally friendly and harmless.

Advantage Five: Rich raw materials, low prices

The main components of ceramics are kaolin, clay and so on, rather than rare metals, will not waste our living resources, will not pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, and non-toxic harmless. Selection of ceramics to reflect the understanding of environmental protection, Ceramic Mug our living environment of love. Ceramic cup environmental protection, durable, practical, is the soil, water, fire crystallization.