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Ceramic Cups Into Human Technology
- Sep 26, 2017 -

The main raw materials of ceramic cups are mud, not rare metals, they will not waste our living resources and pollute the environment without destroying resources and harmless. The selection of ceramic cups reflects the understanding of environmental protection, the love of our living environment.

Ceramic cup environmental protection, durable, practical, is the soil, water, fire crystallization. Natural raw materials, combined with the power of nature, Ceramic Mug the integration of human technology, the creation of our lives than the indispensable daily necessities, the invention of ceramic cups is an important process of human civilization-is the first human use of natural objects, Ceramic Mug according to their own will create a new thing.

Ceramic Cup According to the temperature can be divided into

1. Low Temperature Ceramic cup

Low-temperature porcelain firing temperature at 700-900 degrees.

2. Medium Temperature Ceramic cup

Generally refers to the sintering temperature at 1000 degrees---1200 degrees of ceramics.

3. High-Temperature Ceramic cup

High temperature porcelain firing temperature of more than 1200 degrees.

Ceramics are made by firing 1320 degrees Celsius at high temperatures. Normal life has not been able to exceed this temperature so generally we drink water suggested the use of ceramic materials cup, ceramic cup water non-toxic, tasteless;

1. Ceramic Cup less harmful gas and material caused by its material;

2. A qualified ceramic cup is perfectly harmless and will not be likely to consume harmful metals as long as the metal Cup is used;

3. To reduce the molten iron and alkaline materials on the carbon brick infiltration, erosion, Ceramic Mug scouring and other damage, and the use of Mullite, brown corundum, etc. are low thermal conductivity

Advanced ceramic materials with high erosion resistance and scour resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of large carbon bricks.

4. According to the material making characteristic of the ceramic cup, Ceramic Mug the hot metal temperature is improved and the heat loss is reduced.

5. Due to the thermal insulation of the ceramic cup, during the blast furnace, the heat loss is reduced, which is propitious to return to normal operation when the wind blows.

The advantages of the Ceramic cup not only a lot, but also fast-paced life, gradually become a necessity in people's lives, and as a gift to send friends is also Good choice for friends to send a healthy!