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Ceramic Glass Cleaning
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Tea stains, coffee stains in cups cleaned with toothpaste or table salt, the effect is very good

Usage: rinsing the Cup (without water), and then with a dry or toothpaste in the glass wall above the salt rub, then rinse with water


Whether salt or coarse salt, you can help us to remove tea stains from cups, we can use your finger to dip after, back and forth over the tea stain wash, it does not take two or three minutes, you'll find tea stains magically disappear! But also not hurt to the body.

Citrus peel

Sometimes meets up with an old scale, how to wash when you brush them clean, how do I do this? Don't worry about it! Left over lemon may wish to look in the kitchen, or throw away after eating the orange peels! Coffee cups, use lemon slices, or a little bit of vinegar to wipe the glass, coffee pot, we can put lemon slices, wrapped with a cloth on the upper part of the coffee pot, add water to the full. Ways to cook lemons to make coffee and let it drop drops to the bottom of the pot. When the muddy water drops out of the coffee pot, this is evidence of citric acid remove coffee stains. In General, about two coffee maker cleaning can be completed.