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Ceramic Plate With Good Fire Resistance Characteristics
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Ceramic plate is made of high-temperature calcination after extrusion, but different from the general clay plate, ceramic plate in the calcined by adding quartz sand and other materials, which greatly increased the hardness and strength of the ceramic plate, and compared to the clay board , Ceramic Plate Its low water absorption, the process is relatively simple, low cost, relatively large brittleness.

Ceramic plate of the weather resistance is strong, that is strong for the external climate adaptability, resistance to sunlight, acid rain corrosion, stable performance, Ceramic Plate in its surface and cutting edges do not need to add paint or protective layer.

Ceramic plate has the following advantages:

1, good stability: the surface of the ceramic plate can be flame retardant, fire resistance is good, will not melt, ceramic plate is all acid and alkali products and other chemicals nemesis, Ceramic Plate whether it is disinfectant, cleaning agent or fruit juice dyes, ceramic plate The surface will not be affected.

2, easy to clean: ceramic plate surface strong anti-corrosion ability to make it easy to use washing solution cleaning, and will not affect its color and surface; and no infiltration of the tight surface, not easy to stick to dust, The

3, beautiful: ceramic plate in the firing before, can draw patterns, Ceramic Plate fired out of the picture colorful, and not easy to be damaged, so that the ceramic plate nice, most for decoration.

4, anti-static: ceramic plate proved to be anti-static material.

5, to fight scratch: ceramic plate special surface structure, so that the role of ceramic plate in the external hard objects are not vulnerable to damage.

Ceramic plate because of its stable performance and rich color, Ceramic Plate often used in outdoor curtain wall, kitchen and bathroom decoration and interior decorations.