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Ceramic Tableware Used What Materials
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Ceramic tableware for everyday eating, everyone must be interested in materials for ceramic tableware, right? Today let porcelain China experts to introduce material of ceramic tableware. Regardless of is from clay also is other of such as glaze material, and decals above are has many species, Jingdezhen produced words, General are is white porcelain mainly, white porcelain is Jingdezhen of features where, with is white porcelain, porcelain tire by with of soil grade is has many of, has General of mud, also has in the HA Pak Nai and high Ha Pak Nai, high Ha Pak Nai itself also points several species grade, also has porcelain soil same glaze surface aspects raw materials different words, products of grade, and will different has. In addition, if there is any bone China, different content of bone-bone China has its own characteristics and identification methods. About ceramic materials is a complex subject.

Porcelain Chinese experts remind us that there is also a very important aspect of the environmental performance of ceramics, do consumers use health-friendly tableware. Ceramic tableware in decals process Shang General is divided into three class, glaze Shang, and glaze in the and glaze Xia, glaze Xia to we often said of blue-and-white for representative, this three species process production of tableware in health environmental aspects reached of quality is not as of, glaze Shang of is in porcelain glaze firing zhihou in above plus spent paper fired, such words, long-term using such of tableware, if quality not standard words, is easy appeared ceramic pigment in of lead, and chrome, heavy metal of dissolved out, long-term using words on using who of health against is big, Porcelain China expert is advised consumers to purchase the glaze color tableware.