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Characteristics Of Ceramic Mug
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Ceramic Cup of mud is the main raw material, rather than metal, do not waste our resources or pollute the environment, which will not destroy the resource, and innocuous. Use ceramic Cup reflects the awareness of environmental protection, to the living environment of our love.

Ceramic Cup environmentally friendly, durable, practical, and is the crystallization of Earth, water, fire. Natural ingredients, combined with the power of nature, human technology, makes our lives more than essential daily necessities, the invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization--is the first human use of natural materials, in accordance with his will created a new type of thing. From yangyuan County, Hebei province, found in nihewan area of pottery in the late Paleolithic, pottery produced in China has a long history for many years from now.


Classified according to the temperature

1. the low-temperature ceramic mug

Low-temperature ceramic firing temperature of 700-900 degrees.

2. the temperature in ceramic mug

Generally refers to fired at 1000 degrees---1200 degrees of ceramics.

3. high-temperature ceramic mug

High temperature ceramic firing temperature of 1200 degrees.