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Collection Of Ceramics To Buy Small
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Classification ceramics-porcelain kind. Currently on the market are mainly daily-use porcelain, bone China, exquisite daily-use porcelain, underglaze () color porcelain for daily use, daily fine pottery, such as common ceramics and fine ceramic cooking. Apart from bone China, and other products according to the number of visible defects or the size of the range is divided into top products, first-class, certified products, such as different grades. -Flower decoration. By flower characteristics can be divided into the glaze color, glaze, underglaze and glaze porcelain and without color of white porcelain and so on. 

Ceramic glaze color is made of glazed ceramic pigment decal affixed to the glaze or directly with paint painted on the surface of products, and then by 700~850℃ barbecue products. Bake temperature does not reach the melting temperature of glaze layer, so the flower cannot sink into the glaze, only close to the vitreous surface. If you touch, the surface concave, visualizing the rough. Appearance quality. Consumers first to view the product box or indicated by the file name in the box and then can be seen by the naked eye observation of the actual quality of the product, purchase possible-no obvious defects at the surface, and structured products. Plate, Bowl, several sizes of products can be stacked together, observe their mutual distance, distance is not uniform, description of irregular, deformation. A single product can be laid flat or locked in the glass to see if the glass line, to determine the deformation. For porcelain products, holding hands, tapped along with their fingers, croak, indicating that there is crack. Use function. ① to buy a microwave oven with porcelain, should avoid any metal decoration product, such as with gilt, silver or Golden paper, wire, metal mosaic products. Using dishwasher detergent product suitable for thicker edge with ARC-enhancing products, because the products from damage in the washing process.