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- Feb 13, 2017 -

(1) temperature: high temperature ceramic firing temperature of 1200 degrees over medium-temperature ceramic firing temperature 1000-1150 degrees; low temperature ceramic firing temperature of 700-900 degrees.

(2) color: porcelain colors fat, smooth, translucent; low-temperature porcelain in color comparing lag.

(3), handle: porcelain smooth, delicate; low temperature porcelain in a little rough.

(4), sound: high temperature porcelain crisp; low temperature porcelain in less stuffy.

(5), texture: high-temperature ceramic hardness is robust; low temperature ceramic more fragile.

(6), and of course high-temperature pottery and porcelain is the most obvious difference between low water absorption rate, low water absorption of ceramic high temperature ceramic water absorption rate of less than 0. 2%, easy to clean not adsorbing odors, glaze crazing and partial water leakage does not occur. Medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than the standard and easily into the sewage, easy cleaning and an unpleasant odor, crack and water leakage also occurs over a long period.