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Technology Of Ceramic Mug
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1, pug from mine stone, Shui DUI at Chung Hom Kok, thin, Pan, remove impurities, sedimentation formed bricks of mud. Then add water to mud, remove the residue, rub with your hands, or pedaling with their feet and squeeze the air out of the mud, and mud in the water evenly.

2, casting: the mud fell on all sides in jigger's ball Center, flexion and extension of the law behind retractable metal body looks like.

3, block model: dies, which are shaped by the slab body arc rotary cut, from dry to semi-dry slab covered mold plant, uniform body wall, and then release.

4, Lee blank: blank reply to jigger the pros on the barrel, turning wheel, rotary cut with a knife, in the body thickness suitable, exterior is bright and clean, this is a very high technology processes.

Sun 5, model: forming slab placed on a wooden rack to dry.

6, engraving: iron or bamboo, bone tools in dry or semi-dry portrays a pattern on the body.

7, and Shi glaze: General round mouth used dipped glaze (will billet immersion glaze basin in, dang mouth along and glaze surface flat align Shi immediately proposed) or swing glaze (will glaze pulp injected billet within shaking, makes upper and lower around uniform Shang glaze, then quickly pour off excess of glaze pulp), cut device (relative "round device",, "round device" refers to through pulled billet method forming of round vessels, as Bowl, and disc, and disc,. The moulding process is even more complex, such as Zun, pots, cans, bottles, is said to "cut") or for use in large round blow glaze (by spinning over bamboo, dip glazing with mouth-blown spray, so repeatedly, and uniform thickness of the glaze layer).

8, firing: about one day and night time, temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius. First wicket of masonry, ignition firing fuels are pine wood, pile-driving technical guidance, log fire when mastering kiln temperature, ceasefire decision.

9, glaze: glaze color, such as colors, pastels, and so on, is on the sintering ceramic glaze paint pattern, fill color, and then into the Red furnace with low temperature burning dry, temperatures of about 700-800 ℃. In addition, the kilns in the body element on the tires before painting, such as blue and white, copper red, then known as underglaze red, which is characterized by color under high temperature glaze and never fade.