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The Cultural Value Of Ceramic Cups
- Nov 01, 2017 -

The ceramic cup, as the name suggests, is made of ceramic cups, which originated in China, in daily life mainly for tea and water. The so-called "ceramic" refers to the clay or other non-metallic materials by molding, sintering and other processes, after drying and heating methods to form a water insoluble material. Ceramic cups made from the soil, it is sourced from the nature, and therefore has environmental pollution-free features, Ceramic Mug do not have to worry about toxic and non-toxic problems. Ceramic culture in China has a long history, the use of ceramic cups in some aspects can also reflect a person's cultural taste.

The main raw materials are mud, not rare metals, will not waste our living resources, and will not pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, and non-toxic harmless. Ceramic Mug The selection of ceramic cups reflects the understanding of environmental protection, the love of our living environment. Ceramic is a high temperature of 1320 degrees Celsius paper, the normal life has not been able to exceed this temperature, Ceramic Mug so it hold live heat, compared to glass and plastic cups, make cups use, ceramic cups more economical and practical. If you want to choose lightweight, porcelain good some ceramic cups, how to look at the poor, this you can see its light, put it outside the window, looking up inside, see the bottom of the cup, the more obvious, the better the porcelain.

Structural features of ceramic cups:

The existence of ceramic cups makes molten iron not directly contact with carbon bricks, from the structural design to ease the molten iron and alkaline materials on the carbon brick infiltration, erosion, scouring and other destruction, and the use of Mullite, brown corundum, etc. Ceramic Mug are low thermal conductivity of advanced ceramic materials, with high corrosion resistance and scour resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of large carbon bricks. The ceramic cup is made up of the material with low thermal conductivity of the carbon bricks, Ceramic Mug which plays a role of interlayer, thus reducing the heat loss through the hearth and hearth, and accordingly, the molten iron can keep the high temperature and create a good energy saving condition for the next step process.

Ceramic Cup health, fashion:

Ceramic cups are made of clay. Pure natural, completely harmless, a lot of material made of the cup after the high temperature will produce some harmful substances, Ceramic Mug such as plastic materials and metal material of the cup, long-term use of harmful substances may be ingested.

Ceramic cup of cultural value, ceramics in a sense has become a synonym for Chinese civilization. Needless to say, this is Chinese culture. A friend from afar, Ceramic Mug I would like to use ceramic cups than plastic cups, glass can reflect your taste. Of course, different cups are suitable for different people and drinks. Ceramic cups of modern technology are becoming more and more diverse, and ceramic mugs can also be part of fashion.