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The Difference Between Bone China And Porcelain
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1, weight: with comparison of bone porcelain and ceramics bone porcelain is very light;

2, color: Bone China luster as jade, ceramic color Pan-Green

3, permeability: Bone China light well

4, good thermal insulation: compared with traditional porcelain, bone China, better insulation, drink coffee or tea, have a better taste;

5, more durable due to different components of bone China and porcelain can be thinner and more tough wear-resistant, easy to wear and fracture, the bone in the 180 ¡æ 20 ¡æ water heat exchanger in an undivided;

6, high grade: Bone China porcelain is the only recognized in the world of high-end kind, both using and double the value of the arts, is a symbol of power and status, known as the King of the porcelain, pictures on bone China and would look very real, very clear

7, listening to voices: porcelain plate of bone in my hand, take a pen or stick beating bone China Bowl will issue such as Bell-like sound;

8, select a larger bone China Bowl, pour so much water around knuckles first section, fingers dipped in water around the Bowl rub, then issued the resonance like "Squeaky" voice.