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The Purchase Skill Of The Bathroom Accessory
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Bathroom decoration, not only the purchase of bathroom accessories, the market now has a variety of bathroom accessories, but also to meet the personalized needs of modern people, there have been many novel bathroom accessories. Notice these bathroom accessories to buy skills, to create a comfortable bathroom space.

Bathroom accessories are mostly 7 sets namely mirror, toothbrush cup, soap table, towel bar, towel rack, reel bracket, hook. In the purchase should master the big factor.

Supplies both copper-plated products, but also chrome-plated products, titanium alloy products are the most high-end.

Third look at the coating. In chrome plated products, Bathroom Accessories the ordinary product coating is 20 microns thick, the time is long, inside the material is easy to be oxidized by air. And the workmanship is fastidious the copper plating chromium coating is 28 microns thick, its structure is close, the coating is homogeneous, the use effect is good.

Four look practical. Most of the imported products are titanium alloy or copper chrome, "color noodles" crisp, exquisite engaging, but the price is more expensive. Now some joint-venture brands or domestic brands of copper chrome-plated prices relatively affordable.

Bathroom water installation of important hardware accessories should be how to choose

First, bathroom accessories to choose the sewer

The sewer is the drainage device of the bathtub, the basin and so on. According to the type of main spring water and flip water two. The advantage of the spring water is more obvious, Bathroom Accessories it is quick and convenient, easy to play, and clean and convenient, the clamshell is easily plugged in and the drainage is more difficult to open, but the life of the clamshell is generally longer than the bounce type.

The selection method of the sewer: In addition to considering the selection of the jump or flip, we also need to choose the style according to the basin. such as the basin itself with overflow hole, Bathroom Accessories then you should buy the same water with overflow, otherwise not. In addition, the material also has copper, stainless steel, plastic and other materials, buy when combined with the characteristics of materials and prices to choose.

Second, bathroom accessories hose purchase

The purpose of the hose is to connect the water pipe with water heater, toilet, shower, faucet, water tank and other water appliances. The hose can be divided into braided hose, double buckle hose, hose and corrugated hose.

Hose Selection Method: Consumers can choose to buy when the use of occasions, the actual installation size to buy; As far as possible in the regular shops, Bathroom Accessories supermarkets to buy, product quality can be guaranteed; copper or stainless steel connection nut, core; When selecting braided tube, Bathroom Accessories pay attention to the weaving effect of the tube body, not jump, break, fold, The weaving style weaves the density the higher the better.

Third, bathroom accessories corner valve Purchase

The angle valve is also called the triangle valve, the angle shape valve. This is because the pipe is angled at the angle of the corner shape, so it is called a corner valve. The role of the angle valve is mainly to connect the water outlet inside and outside the role, in addition, the pressure is too large, can be in the triangular valve above the adjustment, at the same time, if the faucet leakage and so on, may turn off the triangle valve, do not have to shut down the main valve.

Angle Valve Selection Method: In the case of sufficient light, Bathroom Accessories the angle valve can be placed in the hand after the observation, the surface should be black such as mirror, without any oxidation spots, no scorch marks, and close to see no pores, no bubbles, no leakage plating, color uniformity;