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The Third Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival Dehua Series Activities
- Nov 27, 2017 -

Dehua is taking Quanzhou as the starting point of the Marine Silk Road is an important source of important goods, ceramic output." Dehua County Propaganda Department official said in an interview with reporters, the history of Dehua ceramic products for export by the porters shouldered carry baskets of ceramics, sent to Yongchun, then the waterway to port Erythrina, porcelain help road.

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It is reported that from the beginning of the Song Dynasty porcelain for road construction, has been nearly a thousand years of history, still remains at the time of the ancient kiln. The maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival, Dehua "Chongzou porcelain help road feeling Hester culture", as one of the highlights of the Dehua series of activities, will be invited to study the ceramic culture, or had been walking along the witness tells about Dehua ceramic dinner plate porcelain for road sold overseas story of ceramics the culture of ancient ruins, the cultural landscape will be in the form of display panels, allowing participants to explore and experience the ancient kiln site along the road for kiln ignition, die clearance, drink tea in the old kiln workers rest, ceramic history and culture of Dehua long sentiment.

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According to reports, the Dehua Art Festival series of activities is the most exciting, porcelain road roadmap released to help, "We collected before, scattered people of different ages for porcelain road map, drawing and printing complete porcelain for road map, issued to each participant, which can be regarded as a pioneering work".

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As the Dehua County local normalization, porcelain square cultural activities, will be the local intangible cultural heritage items on display, and enrich the development history as more reflected in Dehua Maritime Silk Road from the source. It is reported that the series of activities to "dream world culture heritage Hester porcelain" as the theme, will continue for nearly a week, a total of 6 special programs of nearly 80, the number reached more than 520 people in the show. Among them, "don't look at the beginning of" heart "circle China dream" "good luck" China expression porcelain people desire a better life in the future, while the "Millennium porcelain song" Dehua style "from universal" "Hester porcelain road" are a Dehua ceramic and Hester the indissoluble bound.

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